We develop all kinds of apps, from project management to GPS tracking and racing metrics software. Check out all the cools new apps we are developing and those that are already out there!


This started out as a love for developing games and we stand behind that trying to make some awesome games you'll hopefully enjoy. Check out our games and see what other ones we have in development!

Dev Diary

Find out more about what we are developing and check out some of the technologies we use in our apps and games! And stay up to date with our development.

Latest News On Broken Walls Studios

Band-Aid for Windows 10 Released

Here's a new-ish app for Windows 10, Band-Aid! New look but mostly the same feel. It comes with support for the Microsoft Band 2 and adds a new low phone battery alert feature and fewer ads! There will be a follow up update to bring the same support and feature to Windows Phone 8.1 very soon,

Band-Aid for Windows Phone Released

We have a new app out for Windows Phone, Band-Aid! You can check out more info over on the Dev Diary here. Band-Aid aims to bring all kinds of additional and useful functionality to both your phone and Microsoft Band. Features: - Battery - view your phones battery percentage straight from your band and also have your band's theme

The All-New Broken Walls Studios Site!

Welcome to the all-new Broken Walls Studios site!! (bet you couldn't guess that from the headline) Just recently I updated the site as well as the Dev Diary site, and  now today I am proud to announce that the entire site itself went through a very much needed overhaul :)   Everything looks much better, modern, and

Welcome to the Blog!!

This is the official first post for the Broken Walls Studios Blog! Here we will make announcements of new game, apps, news and anything BW related. More coming soon! Stay tuned for the awesome