New Game Squickly Released!

Wow what an exciting and busy year over here! A lot has been going on and I promise to share as much as I can over the next few posts (yup that much has happened).

First item I would like to announce a new game, Squickly!

It’s a pretty simple endless runner, take control of a square and dodge spikes while trying to collect tokens. I wanted to try something a little new and different but still familiar enough. In this game I experimented a bit with shadows and colors and a minimalistic approach. I think the end result is a fun and colorful game that a lot of people can enjoy, and hopefully you will too if you haven’t tried it out yet.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Please be sure to check out the game and leave any feedback to help improve it. There is a ton of cool content lined up for the game, so consider this first version out more of a demo.

Look out for more news and updates coming really soon! Stay tuned!

An Indie Game 2 Update Released!

A little overdue but here’s the first post of 2017! Some awesome news to share, An Indie Game 2 has been updated! The update is for all platforms and introduces a new one, tvOS! (lots of excitement)

So let’s check out what is new:

iOS Version 2.1

  • Added tvOS support
  • Added iMessage support – Stickers!!
  • New Connections section
  • Facebook integration
  • Updated copyright
  • Reduced foreground speed
  • Fix for particles now showing up for exploding enemies
  • Other minor fixes

Android Version

  • Fix for Player not rotating while jumping
  • Adjusted Boulder bouncing
  • Reduced foreground speed
  • Update copyright
  • Other minor fixes

Windows (UWP) Version

  • Fix for Player not rotating while jumping
  • Adjusted Boulder bouncing
  • Reduced foreground speed
  • Update copyright
  • Other minor fixes


This a huge update with a lot of good things for those on Apple device, but for the Android and Windows users out there, don’t worry this next update is for you guys. Big screen support will be coming for Windows 10 and Android TV, so stay tuned for that.

Download for Android

Download for Windows 10 (UWP)

Download for iOS & tvOS

An Indie Game 2 Coming Soon

So some time ago, there was this game called “An Indie Game” that was released and many enjoyed it. They enjoyed it so much in fact that I created an unnecessary sequel called “An Indie Game 2”.

I wanted to go a little bigger and improved on the things that made the first game good. Adding in boss battles, in game unlockable content, achievements, and three different playable characters that you switch between as you run, I thought this was all pretty cool. Of course, I wanted to add more though. Then something happened.

What happened? Well, to be blunt, the game engine that I decided on using sorta started dying out. Yup, cocos2d-xna was not supporting the newer awesome platforms that I wanted to take the game to. This made supporting the game rather difficult and updates for the game stopped. I was stuck and sad. All these great plans for this game, just put on hold, stopped in its tracks.

So I titled this post, “An Indie Game 2 Coming Soon”, mostly for two reasons: 1, The game has been remade on a better game engine, cocos2d-x. 2. Because of 1, this game feels brand-new and I feel deserves to be treated more like a re-release. So this is why I say “Coming Soon”.

I’m really excited about this new engine, it brings all the possibility that I was hoping for in the last game engine, and hopefully much more. You can be sure that all the awesome that was originally planned is now back on track. I hope you all enjoy the game as it starts to unfold with new updates to come.

I know some may be wondering what exactly happened, or why things happened. To that I say, check out part 1 of “The Great Journey”. This will be a series of posts that go deeper into the technical issues with a failing game engine and trying to go about picking out a new one and all the annoying hardships in between.

That’s all for now, be on the look out for the post on An Indie Game 2 once the updates start rolling out for the new game engine.

Some Time Later…

Well it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on here or even updated this site. I don’t want to say it’s pretty bad but a seeing as how the last post was about oh, I don’t know, almost three years ago…yeah kinda bad. 🙁

So lets catch up!

Even though some time has passed, we’ve still been pretty busy over here. Here are some of the new releases:

game_icon_173x173 An Indie Game 2 – Windows Phone & Windows (Universal app), iOS & Android

The all-new sequel to An Indie Game was released earlier last year!

Also made its release on Amazon Appstore and Fuhu Apps.





Admin That – Windows Phone (beta)

This is an internal tool I’ve been developing but wanted to share, basically allows for remote management of our apps, games and sites.

With a simple tap I can put any of our products under a maintenance mode which will limit access and allow us to update content and it will  also allow capture of error logs with the ability to view them and possibly open up tickets on the fly.



An Indie Game Rush! – Windows

Not officially released, but was developed for the Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest.

Taking the endless runner game of An Indie Game 2 and turning into a local multiplayer game.

Considering developing on this further for an official release.



Dreamscape – iOS

Another new app in the works (not exactly released but getting there ;)) is a dream app which allows you to share dreams with friends.

More on that coming soon!




Sakuru – Windows Phone, iOS & Android

Fun and addicting tapping game.

Also released on the Amazon Appstore and pending for Fuhu apps.





2048@Classic – Windows Phone, iOS & Android

Simple and clean classic 2048 game.

Also released on the Amazon Appstore and pending for Fuhu apps.




Background Task That – Windows Phone

Very simple task management app, primarily developed as an internal tool to help me keep track of the many projects we have going on  here and thought others might be able to benefit from it too.

There’s also a companion web site which is still technically beta but very functional.


There has been quite a bit of work going over the last few years and there is plenty more coming soon. I can’t wait to keep this diary up to date and report more on the awesome development going on here. So stay tuned!

Coming Back and Packing!

I’ve been hard at work for the past few months. There was actually suppose to be more characters in that image but we ran out of space.

Some exciting news to share real quick, Broken Walls Studios now has a new division, Robot Rocket Punch! (which is going to handle game for the most part)

This year is going to be a big year for us here and as you may notice there are some new additions to the roster of game characters.

There will be numerous announcements of new games releasing within the upcoming months, and along, of course, new web site enhancements! For example, the new Dev Diary section, which you are currently visiting if you are reading this 😀

There will be an un-dev related blog strictly for all news regarding BWS and RRP, more on that in the coming days…in fact more details on everything else in the next coming days as I try to break the, I don’t know, four or five month silence we’ve had all this time being busy.

Stay tuned! More to come…


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