Development these days have been, what’s the word, “hectic”. Just wanted to announce a couple things and share some of the new games lined up for this year, briefly.

The first item up, Venti20! What’s Venti20? Well to put it simple, its 4 weeks, with 3 hours a day, all dedicated to a gaming project. Within that time, I take an idea and bring it to a proof of concept or prototype stage. Depending on how awesome or how well it goes, the game can then go on the production line-up in which development is continued and the game is ultimately released! But why is it called Venti20? Another good question, venti actually has nothing to do with 20 at all, its just a fun word I’m using for “venting” since the idea is to drop development all together on production projects and focus primarily on something special. And 20, for the 20 days (4 weeks, not including weekends, I need to relax at some point I guess). So what’s on Venti20 this time? An Indie Game! Yup, the all-new An Indie Game….game. Let’s just say there is a major redesign for it.

And now a quick line-up of what’s to come in the next few months here:

  • More posts for Venti20
  • All-new An Indie Game
  • Abuga: Warp Zone – Windows & Xbox360 (w/ Online Level Editor)
  • Task That – simple & clean task management system
  • Note That – simple & clean cloud note taking system (w/ Evernote support)
  • Cards with Friends – a very cool social interactive centric collection of card games

So much more left to mention, but that’s the general snapshot of things to come.