Well it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on here or even updated this site. I don’t want to say it’s pretty bad but a seeing as how the last post was about oh, I don’t know, almost three years ago…yeah kinda bad. 🙁

So lets catch up!

Even though some time has passed, we’ve still been pretty busy over here. Here are some of the new releases:

game_icon_173x173 An Indie Game 2 – Windows Phone & Windows (Universal app), iOS & Android

The all-new sequel to An Indie Game was released earlier last year!

Also made its release on Amazon Appstore and Fuhu Apps.





Admin That – Windows Phone (beta)

This is an internal tool I’ve been developing but wanted to share, basically allows for remote management of our apps, games and sites.

With a simple tap I can put any of our products under a maintenance mode which will limit access and allow us to update content and it will  also allow capture of error logs with the ability to view them and possibly open up tickets on the fly.



An Indie Game Rush! – Windows

Not officially released, but was developed for the Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest.

Taking the endless runner game of An Indie Game 2 and turning into a local multiplayer game.

Considering developing on this further for an official release.



Dreamscape – iOS

Another new app in the works (not exactly released but getting there ;)) is a dream app which allows you to share dreams with friends.

More on that coming soon!




Sakuru – Windows Phone, iOS & Android

Fun and addicting tapping game.

Also released on the Amazon Appstore and pending for Fuhu apps.





2048@Classic – Windows Phone, iOS & Android

Simple and clean classic 2048 game.

Also released on the Amazon Appstore and pending for Fuhu apps.




Background Task That – Windows Phone

Very simple task management app, primarily developed as an internal tool to help me keep track of the many projects we have going on  here and thought others might be able to benefit from it too.

There’s also a companion web site which is still technically beta but very functional.


There has been quite a bit of work going over the last few years and there is plenty more coming soon. I can’t wait to keep this diary up to date and report more on the awesome development going on here. So stay tuned!