Oh boy, the long…very longly anticipated update for Weather Livepaper is finally in development. Mainly to swap out its current use of the now gone, Google Weather API which was used to power the also gone iGoogle home page.

What are we replacing that wonderfully gone API with? Well..OpenWeatherMap!

It really has been a long time coming and I do feel terrible that the state of the app has been pretty unusable for almost a year :X but this change isn’t the only thing I’m planning on releasing for Weather Livepaper. There is also a new feature and some bug fixes that were very much needed too 🙂 and with this update I also plan to try my best to keep the development going.

So look out for the update to be released within this week (which I know is almost half way over already), there will be an announcement soon though once the update is officially out.

More to come so stay tuned!!