Woo! Another update out for Dev Diary and here is what’s new:

Windows 10 (UWP) Version

  • Added shortcut to open articles in browser


Android Version 1.1

  • Added support to save app to SD
  • Added shortcut to open articles in browser


Aside from the obvious “fixed minor stuff”, the list is a little short but as you might guess, the app for iOS is on its way out! That’s right! It has already been submitted and soon those of you on an iOS device will be able to download the app 🙂

So just to go through real quick, with a shortcut you can now open articles in browser if you’d like (some prefer this and that’s cool) or make it a little easier to share articles (SPOILER: Feature coming soon!)


Stay tuned for cool updates coming out real soon.


Download for Android

Download for Windows 10 (UWP)