Big Changes Coming Soon!

It’s been a very long time since the last post here but things have been under development for quite some time. The curtain is just about ready to come up but before that happens I just want to tease some of the changes you can expect to see coming soon!

Here’s a quick round up of changes that are coming:

  • New Games
    • 4 new titles to be announced over the next couple months
  • New Apps
    • 2 new apps to be announced over the next couple weeks
  • Updated Games
    • Squickly and other titles are getting major updates coming soon
    • More info coming in the next couples weeks
  • Redesigned Site
    • Major changes coming to the site
    • Complete overhaul and redesign
  • Open Source Projects
    • Expect to see more updates coming shortly

There are a lot of exciting things coming soon and hopefully something that will excite you as the announcements start rolling out in July!

One more thing to announce, when the redesign for the site starts to roll out, the old posts here will no longer be available. Basically with the redesign comes a refresh on the content. Also a lot of the previous posts relate to older projects that have either been shelved or are no longer supported.

I hope you are looking forward to seeing more and as excited as I am to take what will be the next chapter with Broken Walls Studios.

Stay tuned!

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