Hey there everyone! Have some big, probably unfortunate, news, Task That is heading for the sunset. I have to say it has been a fun project, something that started out really for myself, and then eventually released for anyone to use. I saw a lot of activity and users signing up for the app and I can only be amazed and pleased with how well it did.

Now the time has come though for me to move on to other projects, and to completed development on this app. So as of the start of the next year, Jan 1, 2017, development will officially be stopped and the project essentially shelved. For those of you still using Task That, you can totally keep using it.

Support for the app will continue but will only be limited to keeping the services running. So no more bug fixes or minor updates, but the app will continue to work as it does today.

I’ll have more details on the process that will take place in order to sunset Task That properly as the date gets closer.

I really want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has used the app and helped make it so awesome and just a fun experience to build. This really was a community app, and the first that I got to make.

As I mentioned, this app was really meant to help me prioritize and keep track of the many other projects I have going on, but it turns out it has been able to do the same for hundreds of others. And this app became something for everyone.

Anyways, more details to follow later on and sincerely thank you!