Wow what an exciting and busy year over here! A lot has been going on and I promise to share as much as I can over the next few posts (yup that much has happened).

First item I would like to announce a new game, Squickly!

It’s a pretty simple endless runner, take control of a square and dodge spikes while trying to collect tokens. I wanted to try something a little new and different but still familiar enough. In this game I experimented a bit with shadows and colors and a minimalistic approach. I think the end result is a fun and colorful game that a lot of people can enjoy, and hopefully you will too if you haven’t tried it out yet.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Please be sure to check out the game and leave any feedback to help improve it. There is a ton of cool content lined up for the game, so consider this first version out more of a demo.

Look out for more news and updates coming really soon! Stay tuned!