Just about a week ago now we launched an all-new version of our Dev Diary app for Windows Phone to replace the existing (unstable) version that was made by FollowMyFeed.Net (which appears to finally be down, so great timing huh?)

From the last post about the status of the Dev Diary app, we mentioned that it was going to be made from scratch, from the ground up. So you’ll noticed the UI is much cleaner and simpler, and it should show the direction we are planning to go with the app.

Also I would like to announce Dev Diary for Windows! Yup, you know that means, Dev Diary has been turned into an Universal app! The best part of rebuilding this app has not only been able to take advantage of some of the cool Universal app projects but also to provide better quality and better features.

So look out for more updates in the future as we continue to enhance the app.

You can download the apps below:

Windows Phone

Windows Store

Enjoy! More coming soon.