Hey everyone! I’ve been working on something pretty neat for the past few months, Band-Aid! Currently it’s released now for Windows Phone, but soon to come to Android and iOS.

Band-Aid is an awesome app made to make the Microsoft Band even better and aims to bring in more features for both the phone and Band! It has two main features for right now, “Battery” and “Move It”.

So let me go ahead and tell you a little bit about Band-Aid 🙂 starting with the two main features:

– Battery – lets you quickly see your phone’s battery percentage on your Band by either making the theme of your Band change color based on the percentage level of your phone and displaying the actual number within a tile on the Band. It’s pretty cool 😉

– Move It – lets you set a reminder for how often you should be told to get moving when you’ve been idle for too long. Very useful for those of us that sit in an office throughout the day :\

There are a ton of other features that I’m planning on releasing soon and also make the app available for Android and iOS. Stay tuned!


Download Band-Aid for Windows Phone