First off, wow it has sure been a long time since I last posted on here. Going to try to fix that with more frequently updated content, maybe something out weekly and see how that goes.

So as you can guess, Band-Aid has been updated! And it has been released for Windows 10 as a Universal app.

Today we are looking at the release of version 1.5.6 and what’s new since the last post. Of course, there is improved stability and performance and bug fixes and any other generic change log items that people usual say. So what’s cool? We have added support for the Microsoft Band 2 for Windows 10, sorry Windows 8.1 folks but don’t worry support will be coming very soon. I promise 🙂

Another cool feature, at least to me, is a new alert which lets you know when your phone is low on battery. You can specify the percentage for when you would like to receive the alert, for example when your phone drops below 10% push out an alert to your Band to let you know that you may want to charge your phone.

The design for the app has also changed slightly, there is now just the left pane with the main app sections, versus that weird left/right pane, which unfortunately still exists for Windows Phone 8.1, again sorry guys but you can always upgrade at any time to Windows 10 by joining the Windows Insider Program.

Suppose I should talk about the Android and iOS versions of the app too before wrapping up. So they are still totally happening, it’s just been a little challenging with some of the other projects that had to take priority. Believe me, it’s a lot harder to start a new project than to update an existing one. (In case you were wondering why there have been updates for Windows and nothing yet for the other platforms.)

That’s mostly it for now, there will be much more coming soon. And please check out the new update for Windows 10 below:

Download Band-Aid for Windows 10

Thanks for reading and as always, stay tuned!