Project Name: An Indie Game 2

Project Notes:

The unanticipated sequel to An Indie Game! An Indie Game 2 aims to set the bar a bit higher than the previous game. Play through this auto runner as 3 different characters, Max, Abuga and Monster Randy.

Jump, shoot, destroy enemies and avoid obstacles to reach awesome high scores! Watch out for bosses that try to stop you along the way and other random events to increase the challenge of the game as you progress.

Collect all the gems you can and unlock the riches of unlockables such as new head gear, outfits and characters!

Reach for the highest scores and post them straight to the Global Leaderboards and compare your score with players on other platforms as well!

This game also has an option to login via Microsoft Live, this game only stores your name for the sake of posting scores. There is no other data stored within game nor transmitted to our services. Seriously, we just care about your name for the Leaderboards.

I hope you enjoy this game, made free for the love of games and for those who enjoy them.

Please provide any feedback, always open to making this a much better game.

Edit: This game has been sunsetted. As a result the game has been delisted from the different app stores and the links to download have been removed. Thank you so much to those who played and enjoyed the game!